Outdoor Life Feature & SHOT Show Recap #Video

More than a week has passed since SHOT Show.  The days after the show seem to be even more frenetic than convention week with so many follow up emails and meetings.  No amount of vitamin C or hand sanitizer seems to prevent post show illness either.

Recycled Air on Planes + 1000’s of People = Upper Respiratory Infection AKA “The Show Funk”

I thought I was in the clear and successfully dodged the sniffles.  Alas no! I got slammed with it just in time for the weekend. The Show Funk further hampered my productivity and hence is my excuse for not putting out an update sooner.  Sorry about that!

This SHOT Show was definitely one of the most memorable for me.  It started out with a feature on OutdoorLife.com:

“To welcome in SHOT Show week, OL takes a look at the career of Julie Golob, one of the best action shooters in the world. She’s a pretty good hunter too.”

I met so many people at the show including the Outdoor Channel’s Kelly Gotch and History Channel’s Top Shot, Season 1 cast member, Kelly Bachand.  Kelly G. made the rounds for the Outdoor Channel’s online coverage of the show.  Kelly B. was walking the floor for AccurateShooter.com.  Both Kelly’s were so fun to talk to and are wonderful representatives for the industry! Here are the links to the interviews:

The Smith & Wesson booth was hopping!  I consider it such an honor to be a part of the Smith & Wesson team.  The S&W Champions, Doug Koenig, Jerry Miculek and I, were on hand for interviews and signing autographs each day.  Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by the booth to check out our new products and to say hello.

This industry is just plain AWESOME and I am so proud to be a part of it.  For more highlights from my SHOT Show experience here’s a video.



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