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SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition

SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting & Competition

Whether you’re a firearms enthusiast, an experienced shooter, or someone who has never even held a gun, Shoot: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition will help you explore different types of firearms, understand crucial safety rules, and learn fundamental shooting skills. This book provides an introduction to a wide variety of shooting sports through detailed descriptions that relate each type of competition to everyday activities and interests. High-quality photography from actual competitions and step-by-step instructional images augment the clearly written descriptions of both basic and advanced shooting skills. Throughout the book, Julie shares beneficial tips, explains sport-specific lingo, and stresses vital safety concerns. Going beyond just a skill-building manual for those new to firearms and shooting, SHOOT addresses competition stress, goal setting, logging, and beneficial practice techniques to help all shooters, from novices to champions, excel and take their skills to the next level.

Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children’s Book About Gun Safety

Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children's Book About Gun Safety

We talk to kids about the dangers of fire, drugs, strangers, drowning, and more—but not about guns. There are hundreds of millions of guns in the United States alone. Despite how polarizing the media and politics have made the topic of firearms, we must talk with our children about guns and firearm safety to protect them and help prevent deaths and injuries. World-champion professional shooter, firearms instructor, and mother Julie Golob helps you start a conversation about firearms with young children. Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules helps parents break the ice with kids on this taboo topic.




It’s a question I am often asked as a mom who spends a lot of time on the range — should I shoot while I am pregnant? It inspired me to share my discoveries in a podcast on the topic, and now an eBook.

There is not a wealth of information out there on the subject. Women who shoot and hunt aren’t exactly the most studied demographic. Of those, expecting mothers represent an even smaller segment. Despite the limited information specific to female shooters, there are resources that can help pregnant shooters make educated decisions on shooting while pregnant, especially with regard to exposure to lead, noise, and other contaminants.

From what I have found in my research, I hope “Shooting While Pregnant – A Resource for Expecting Moms” helps women make the best choice for themselves and their babies. If you are pregnant or know someone who is and want to learn more, consider reading and sharing this resource.