Julie's Winning USPSA Carry Optics Gear

USPSA Carry Optics features striker fired and double action first shot firearms and the Performance Center M&P CORE is ready to go right out of the box. Combined with the fast and durable Trijicon RMR I was able to claim my 7th Division and 15th USPSA Ladies National Title. 


Julie's Winning USPSA Revolver Gear
I won my first USPSA Revolver Ladies National Title with a six shooter, the popular S&W Model 625. A change in revolver rules allowing competitive 8-shot revolvers in minor scoring make the Performance Center Model 929 the go-to revolver for USPSA, ICORE and revolver divisions in Steel Challenge.



For stock gun divisions, my go-to gun is the S&W Performance Center Pro Series M&P in 9mm. This rugged and reliable pistol is a top choice for double action first shot and striker-fired only divisions like IPSC Production, USPSA Production, IDPA Stock Service and Enhanced Service Pistol divisions and Steel Challenge Production. The 5 inch model provides that extra bit of help in detecting any errors in my sight picture so that I can deliver accurate shots at speed. 


Smith & Wesson Performance Center 929

I’ve won national and international titles with Performance Center 625 and 627, but the 929 has to be one of my all time favorite wheel guns. It’s the go-competition gun in International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiast and USPSA events as an 8-shot revolver. Cut for moon clips, it reloads short 9mm cases like a dream. Learn more about this fine-tuned wheel gun wonder at the Performance Center.



I grew up shooting 1911’s and it’s no surprise that one of my all time favorite handguns is the S&W Performance Center Pro Series 9mm 1911. The hefty weight of the 1911 combined with the legendary ergonomic design makes this gun a pure delight to shoot. A slim VZ-grip makes it easy to control recoil and access all the controls. All that and the gun shoots so soft, it almost feels like cheating. My NRA Action Pistol Bianchi Open guns are also built on S&W 9mm 1911 frame. It has proven to be a winning combination.


American Eagle is my go-to choice for competitions. With so many offerings in caliber and grain weight, it’s easy to find a load that not only shoots great but produces the results I need on target with consistent, reliable and affordable performance. My all-time favorite is the 147 gr. offering that I use for Classic/Single Stack, Production and Revolver divisions. It’s the perfect blend of accuracy and recoil impulse that delivers for every shot.


I rely on Federal Premium for all my ammunition needs, from centerfire and rimfire handgun ammo to rifle loads to effective shot shells. From testing the new smooth shooting and clean Syntech to busting clays in with Federal’s many shotshell options to relying on the best ammo on the range and in the field with Black Cloud, 3rd Degree, Fusion MSRGold Medal Match and more.  I choose Federal Premium because every shot counts.


Rugged, sealed, bright, clear… everything you want and need in a miniature reflex site and that’s where the Trijicon MRO delivers. Most shooters mount their reliable MRO’s on their rifles, carbines and shotguns but mine have also found a home on my customized S&W 9mm 1911’s for NRA Action Pistol competition. In Bianchi Cup there are no alibis and in the quest for that perfect 1920 score, no compromises. I rely on Trijicon.


Slide mounted optics are all the rage right now and as they should be! The Trijicon RMR represents an advancement in technology that meets the demands of the every day shooter and competitor. I love my RMR’s because they are easy to mount and simple to use. A bright, crisp dot in a crystal clear field, it’s there for me every time I need it for fast and accurate shots.


For carry guns and iron sight competition, Trijicon night sights get me on target and fast in day or night, bright or dark. Magnified optics for my spotting game and bullet holes as well as AccuPoint optics on my hunting rifles give me clear, crisp vision when I’m in the field or testing my shooting skills out on distant targets.


No matter the game, with Safariland gear I know I have the best. Fast holsters and mag pouches attach easily to the innovative ELS Belt System. I can change quickly and easily from division to division, no matter the platform or shooting sport. See all my favorite, tried and true pieces of Safariland gear at


Benelli is a world-renowned in quality semi-automatic long guns. High performance and ultra-reliable these shotguns are ideal for tearing it up in multi-gun, busting clays in shotgun competitions or going after food to fill the freezer.  Whether I’m staring down the barrel at a big tom, busting out of a duck blind or walking the fields chasing down pheasants, Benelli firearms are what I trust to perform on the range and in the field.


Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc. is the #1 seller of full-size residential safes in the U.S. Offering the broadest line of home, gun, office and commercial safes available from any one company, I am so proud to partner with a company dedicated to high quality, innovative products offering superior fire protection, technologically advanced security, exquisite styling and functional storage capacity.

Liberty Safe HDX-250 Smart Vault

“The HDX-250 is a excellent option for a firearm and any other daily valuables you want to secure. The biometric system with the at-peace-of-mind-key back-up is simple and fast so that you have immediate access when you need it. Access the lock, as the door falls down you can quickly grab and go. Fast and secure, it’s everything I want in a by the bed or office safe.”

Read the full biometric access safe review of the Liberty Safe HDX-250 Smart Vault at Women’s Outdoor News.



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