2010 S&W USPSA Production Nationals Recap & #Video

What better way to recap the 2010 Smith & Wesson USPSA Production Nationals than with an interview with Women of USPSA?

From the Women of USPSA Blog:

USPSA Handgun Nationals – Getting To Know Your Medalists – Julie Golob, 2nd Place Production

WoUSPSA: Julie – congratulations on your silver-medal finish at the Production Nationals! What did you think of the stages at this year’s Limited / Production Nationals and did you have a favorite?

Julie: I thought this year’s nationals was much better than last year. It was very challenging and you had to be on the top of your game for every single stage.

As for a favorite, it had to be Stage 5, Aces All Around – Part Deuce. The RO staff on that stage was having a GREAT time and it showed in how they presented and ran the course. It was also a stage that was straight forward but still tested a number of skills, like how fast you could set up into a position. There were a number of areas where you had to switch gears between easy open targets and tough shots. Added to all that was the opportunity to shoot on the move if you were feeling adventurous. Excellent design, awesome crew.

2016 Webmaster Note: USPSA has removed the Women of USPSA website and archives. The complete interview is no longer available.

Check out the video compilation by Paul Hyland…

And, in case you missed it, here’s a video of my eight stage wins in the match…

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