SHOOTing Tip – Getting Zeroed, Grouping at Distances

Another tip on zeroing your firearm! Last week’s SHOOT Quick Tip gave some insight on things you should consider when getting ready to zero. This week’s tip applies to competition shooters, hunters or those who just enjoy plinking as well…

Getting Zeroed – Grouping at Distances

SHOOTing Tip - Getting Zeroed & Grouping at Distances

Once you have dialed in your final zero save some time and rounds to shoot groups at various distances. Shoot at close range to all the way out to the farthest distance suitable for your firearm.  Make note of your group size and where your bullets impact at these different ranges.  Knowing these points of impact will then help to know where to hold your sights on the target in order to produce the best results. Here are some examples:

IDPA – If you are zeroing for IDPA competitions most targets are set within 7-15 yards. You want to make sure you will hit where you are aiming at for these distances. A 15 yard zero point of aim, point of impact zero will serve you well for both speed and accuracy. Shoot groups as close as 3 yards all the way out to 25 yards, a realistic span of what you may encounter in a match.

IPSC/USPSA – For practical shooting competitions your average target distances range between 10 and 18 yards but you could shoot as close as 3 yards and as far as 50. Get zeroed for point of aim, point of impact at 18 yards and then shoot groups at 5, 25, 35 and 50.

Concealed Carry – Concealed Carry firearms are usually small and lightweight. Most shots in defensive situations occur at close range so be sure that your firearm is dialed in to shoot from 15 yards or less. Though it is unlikely that you will shoot beyond these distances, shoot groups out to 25 yards so that you know where bullets impact at this distance and how accurate you can be.

Hunting – Grouping your firearm at the range of distances you may shoot is important in order to make responsible shots on game. Having an optic on a gun can also affect point of aim at different distances. Grouping your hunting gun at the closest range all the way out to the maximum distance for your firearm is critical. These distances all depend on where and how you hunt along with your personal ability level.

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