SHOOTing Tip – Prepping to Zero Your Firearm

SHOOTing Tip - Prepping to Zero

No matter whether you are an avid competition shooter, hunter or just enjoy plinking, sighting in and getting zeroed is critical in order to perform your best. This week’s SHOOT Quick Tip gives some insight on some things you should consider when getting ready to zero.

Getting Zeroed – Preparation

Before you send rounds downrange, inspect your firearm. Make sure that it is acceptably clean and go over the gun to ensure everything is in working in order. Check that all the screws are tightened, especially on your sights/optic. This can save you boat loads of time and frustration.

Decide what load you want to use for your final zero and inspect your ammunition for any obvious defects.  Keep in mind that different lots of ammo, projectile weights and bullet types can produce different results, but to save money you can use less expensive ammunition to get on target. Once you have a rough zero, you can dial it in with the ammo you plan to shoot.

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