What They’re Saying About #kidsgunsafetybook

It’s been a week. One amazing week at that since I pulled the trigger on my second book published. A #1 Hot New Release on Amazon plus a #1 Best Seller in Children’s Safety Books, I am so over the moon about the launch of Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules. So far there are 24, 5 star reviews on Amazon, over 1000 copies sold and some amazing press!

This book, aimed at children as young as 3, is beautifully and brightly illustrated by Nancy Batra. The colorful pages, with large type, are sure to draw and hold the attention of even the youngest lap squirmers. The pages are set up so that children can point out various tools and toys as the parent reads the story. The book provides questions to engage the young listener, and allow the parent to make important safety points along the way. ” Read more from Dr. Latebloomer, The Female General Pediatrician Who Shoots.
Another aspect that makes Toys, Tools, Guns and Rules stand out to me is that Julie didn’t limit the scope of the book. Instead, with her intelligent and neutral approach she opened up the audience that will be willing to receive her message. If you are someone that fears or loathes guns, Golob welcomes you with open arms and rightfully so. The gun industry could take a lesson on acceptance from Julie.” Check out Safety Solutions Academy’s Paul Carlson and his in depth review.
No sooner had the Kid’s Testing Department and I completed a read through than she asked for another reading. She said she really enjoyed it, and that’s where a kid’s book will excel where Mom or Dad’s instructions fail. With the book leading to further readings, initial lessons–whether from you or the book–become reinforced over and over again, building a layer of instruction in what to do that will armor kids for the future.” Tom Knighton has more to say at Bearing Arms

This week I sat down with Barbara Baird for The Women’s Gun Show to talk about the book. Check out episode #85 along with my #SHOOTTip for this week. I’m also excited to share I will be on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio on Sunday at 4:05 eastern. There will be some book buzz at SHOT Show as well when I catch up with the NRA’s Cam Edwards at 12:40 pacific on Friday, January 26.

The incredible response and media coverage for the book has been amazing. HUGE thank you to all who’ve read and reviewed Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules! Most of all, thank you for sharing your photos and making a positive impact for firearms safety education!

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