The heart of the matter #gunvote

If anti-gun politicians and gun control activists care so much about “us,” our safety and well being, why is it they are silent on mental health reform? Where is the demand for hotlines, accessible resources and mental health aid for those who need it or might know someone who is so unstable they would maim or kill? Where is the call for action on finding ways to assist those who struggle with mental illness, homophobia, racism, radicalism and other hate that could lead them to drastic, terrible measures? Why is there no demand to truly address the root of the problem?

For the person who blames guns, it’s not about truly helping people. It’s fear and desperation to control and conform. This lot bloats statistics, manipulates irrelevant studies and when families and friends are mourning, they demand gun control and bans as their simple solution. When America and its citizens are raw with pain, they call for a witch hunt. The demons? Modern sporting rifles and those “clips” that hold more than whatever magical number they make up as “suitable” or “reasonable.”

The root of the problem is not the gun, the tool. The heart of the issue is the person who wants to murder. Those demanding ineffective gun control in wake of any terrorism would have us ignore those warning signs. How dare we tread on someone’s freedom? Yet, the anti-gunner has no problem controlling and treading on ours.

The millions of lawful gun owners are NOT villains. We are NOT an obstacle. We stand for freedom, firearm safety and education. We are providers and protectors. When the anti-gunner provokes, condemns and viciously attacks our ability to protect what is most dear to us, be calm and true. Let’s make our voices heard not only in this fight for our 2nd Amendment, but also for a real solution for those in need. #‎mentalhealth‬‪ #‎gunsense‬ ‪#‎gunvote‬


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