SHOOTing Tip – Shooting from Kneeling in IDPA

SHOOTing Tip - IDPA Kneeling

International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is growing… A lot!  Considering the increase  in the concealed carry market (and zombie defense) the popular action shooting sport features courses of fire with a defensive flair and firearms that shooters buy at their local gun shop. Today’s quick SHOOT tip is one specific to IDPA and the low cover position that is featured in many IDPA stages.

A Shooting Tip for Low Cover in IDPA

IDPA rules require that when you shoot from low cover (think behind a barrel or around the outside of a vehicle) that at least one knee must be on the ground. Instead of hitting the deck with both knees, most of the time it’s better to just take one.  Which knee? Well, if you are shooting over the top of cover instead of around the side of it, place your strong side knee on the ground. This is a stable shooting platform that will also allow you to get up quickly if there is another position you must advance to.

If you are required to shoot from around the side of cover, which knee you take depends on what side you are shooting from.  If you have to shoot from around the right side of cover, then place your right knee on the ground. If you are engaging targets from around the left side of cover, place your left knee on the ground. The knee planted on the ground anchors you in place.  You can then use your other leg to help you balance. The greater the lean, the more you extend your leg .

One last thing, it’s important to note that the techniques  described in this shooting tip are not defensive tactics by any means, just ways to help you improve your scores in IDPA. For more useful information on shooting please check out my other shooting tips right here on the website and also read more in my bookSHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition available in both print and eBook from these and other fine retailers…

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