OUTDOOR LIFE | The Influencers: 19 People Who Have Changed the Outdoors

This month’s issue of Outdoor Life Magazine features the hunting world’s living legend, Jim Shockey. Inside and online, another article highlights those who are changing the way we hunt, fish, shoot, and think about our wild world. “Everyone has a lesson to learn, but also to teach—and some are better than others at making curriculum stick. That’s the idea behind this roster of teachers, who are shaping how we think about our world.”

When you live a life full loaded some really amazing things can happen. I am humbled and honored to make this list…

Golob’s impact on the shooting sports is undeniable in terms of personal and professional accomplishments…

Golob says she feels more like a lifestyle influencer than a pro shooter, and her social media presence reflects that. While she doesn’t get paid to maintain her Facebook and Instagram pages, curating them is an important way to connect with an audience of shooting enthusiasts and hopefuls.”

Read the full article and get your copy of Outdoor Life on the newsstand: The Influencers: 19 People Who Have Changed the Outdoors (for Better and for Worse)

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