On Class & An Open Letter to An Anti-Gun Antagonist

I use a handy app called Facebook Mentions to monitor comments on my posts and to my page when I am away from my computer. The best part of the app is the mentions tab which shows me posts made to my page and also when my page is mentioned by others on Facebook.  It’s how I discovered this little gem:


Now, I blocked out Amy’s full name because, though she felt comfortable publicly posting her feelings and rather startling accusations, I do respect people’s privacy.  Amy’s vulgar language has also been covered up because I like a G/PG rated internet experience for my readers. Because I do try to respond to those who take the time to reach out I decided to address Amy’s concerns here on my blog. Though written specifically for Amy, my response can also serve as an open letter to anti-gun antagonists.

Hi Amy,

Thanks for taking the time to post publicly to my Facebook page. I’d like to take the time to address your questions and concerns.

Let me start with letting you know that I am pretty sure I am not a “man lady.” I have always gender associated with being female. My husband assures me that I am a woman. I have also birthed two lovely little humans.

Despite your commentary about gender and male sexual organs I believe you are really wanting to discuss guns and the Second Amendment. Gun rights have certainly become a polarizing topic! In some cases it can make passionate people leap over the edge and do exactly what they accuse others of. There’s a saying out there… Something about a pot and a kettle?

I simply have no idea if some of my followers have used the “c” word to describe Shannon Watts nor do I think it’s funny. I will say that one of the many things I appreciate about my followers is that they respect my wishes to keep posts and comments clean. Name calling with profanity just isn’t my thing. It’s why I apply a pretty robust anti-profanity filter on my Facebook page. I also have an impressum that details how I employ safety standards for language and abuse. Any time I have an issue with such, it becomes no issue very quickly. Yep. #BestFansEver  

So all that said I hope you can understand why I am a little surprised by your claim. Combine this with your own profanity laden post, it doesn’t exactly compel me to troll the www to find out. What I will do is continue to strive to serve as a positive, classy example for safe, responsible gun owners and encourage others to do the same.

As for the #leaveshannonwattsalone bit, for the record, I have never met her. Truthfully, I don’t keep up with Shannon Watts or Mom’s Demand. I hear these groups apply the ban hammer the moment someone tries to have an honest, constructive discussion about guns. That’s not exactly what I would call a productive policy to win the hearts and minds of the millions who own guns. I could be wrong though.

I do not know, nor do I really care if #imblockedbyshannonwatts. I do, however, keep an eye on what her and MDA’s  financial and political supporters manage to push on mainstream media, the stuff that gets a bit of attention here and there. I feel it’s important to be aware of the propaganda so that you can be ready with the truth to help contribute along with those are truly interested in finding effective ways to prevent gun violence

If you took the time to read and follow my posts on social media and on my blog you would, hopefully, see that I welcome constructive discussion on firearm ownership. I want people to feel comfortable asking questions especially the ones that begin with why? That’s what people do when they try to affect change for the good.

To summarize and make crystal clear:

  • I am not a man.
  • I do not have a penis.
  • I am not a “man lady.”

I confess, I still don’t know what “man lady” is supposed to mean. I wonder if the reason you question my gender so often in your post was to attempt to insult me because I choose to become proficient in what you view as “manly” activities? I think of them more in terms of equality, empowerment and personal responsibility. Interestingly enough, reading and voting were once (and in some places still are) considered only for men. Some food for thought.

I am a woman and a “real mom” who shoots and hunts. I believe in protecting children from gun violence through  firearm safety programs, safe storage and education, something us smart gun owners do. 

I do realize it is confusing and emotionally overwhelming with all the hashtags and false stats Ms. Watts and Moms Demand put out, but I find the NSSF is a great place to look for statistics on recreational shooters, concealed carry holders and hunters. There are also FBI stats and even government studies that show gun control has failed as an effective means to prevent gun violence.

Oh, and #gunsafety isn’t background checks and gun registration. It’s actually four simple rules and you can read/print them out here. Personally I think everyone should know them.

As for the comments about class? Here’s the definition of class act in the event you remain confused. It’s something I strive for not only professionally but as an example for my children:

Class Act:
someone who is admirable and usually very fair or polite
an example of outstanding quality or prestige

Thanks again and if you would like to learn more about firearms, safety and the shooting sports, I am always happy to help enlighten those who truly wish to understand more about the millions of Americans who own guns and the reasons why we do.

Julie Golob

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