Off-body #concealedcarry & what to know if you choose it [VIDEO]

Each month I record a vlog for NRA Family Insights on topics that are important to pro gun parents. Not to be confused with instructional videos, these short clips address specific topics to get people thinking about guns, safety and more.

This month’s video addresses off-body carry in a purse or bag, as well as the things you must be aware of should you choose this form of concealed carry. The fact is, off-body carry is not ideal. It is not a handsfree mode of carrying a gun and is considered the least secure method. For some though, it’s the best and may even be the only feasible option.

Purse carry is very popular for many women. It provides that comfort, consistency and convenience they are looking for, but it does come with added responsibilities as I mention in the vlog.

Oh, and criticism.

There are some, usually men, who feel it’s their duty to “hurt feelings” and trivialize a woman’s concerns and physical condition. Some even declare that a woman is better off unarmed and unable to protect herself than carry off the body. Regardless of their opinion and speculation of what will happen when a woman carries in a purse, the choice on what and how to carry is, thankfully, a personal one.

Work, wardrobe, physical capabilities and other issues make carrying on-body a tough challenge for some. If you choose to carry in a purse or bag, make sure you are always responsible and aware. Keep learning and exploring. An open mind about on-body carry options may result in a form of carry that works even better for you to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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