#NRACameronCup Video Part 4: The Mover


The Moving Target Event happens to be my favorite in Action Pistol. I love the challenge of keeping the gun moving as I try to punch holes in that 4-inch x-ring. The target trucks along in an opening 60 feet wide. Competitors shoot 2 passes of 6 shots at the 10 and 15 yard lines. From the 20 and 25 they shoot 4 passes of 3 round each.

My  Open Division Smith & Wesson Performance Center 9mm  is set up with a Protocol Design mover base. This little wonder has a shift and I can zero it so that my rounds hit the target exactly where I need them to at each yard line without having to lead by aiming ahead of the bullseye. I just flip the shift depending on which side of the range the target is coming from and let my  Aimpoint Micro T-1 dot settled in the center of the target.

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