#NRACameronCup Video Part 1: The Barricade

What a fun way to officially start summer! NRA Action Pistol is where speed meets precision and the Cameron Cup is a yearly handgun competition held in Columbia, MO, the home range of the prestigious Bianchi Cup.

1 of 4 events in the competition, at the Barricade competitors shoot 2 strings of 6 shots, 1 string per side, at each barricade. The targets used are tombstone shaped with a 4” x-ring centered in the 8″ 10-ring. The distances are 10, 15, 25 and 35 yards and the time limits are 5, 6, 7 and 8 seconds respectively.

I compete in the Open Division with my customized Smith & Wesson Performance Center Pro Series 9mm 1911. This pistol is set up with a shroud that is attached to the frame and it surrounds the slide. Affixed to each side of the shroud are wings. The wings and shroud allow me to draw, mount the gun and use my non-firing hand to clamp it directly to the barricade for the most stability. On the left side of the barricade I shoot with my strong hand. On the right side, I transfer the firearm to my support hand and use it to fire the 6 shots required per string.

Watch the video and stay tuned for more from the match!

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