NRA News #LoveAtFirstShot – Revolver Evolution #2a #VIDEO

Revolvers are a popular choice for both new and experienced shooters. In this week’s episode of Love at First Shot we use Smith & Wesson revolvers, both the 617 in .22 caliber and a revolver in .38. After dry fire with the .38, I talk new shooter Jackie through her first shot, a single loaded .22 round through the Model 617.

Love At First Shot – Revolver Evolution

Fathers often take their daughters to the range for their first shots, but this mother/daughter duo is breaking that stereotype with revolvers in hand! Jackie never had an interest in recreational shotgun shooting like her mom, Donna. However, Jackie has recently become more interested in the personal protection side of being a gun owner. Revolvers are an ideal choice for self-defense because of their simplicity and ease of use. Donna and Jackie are off to the Smith & Wesson Employee Sports Center, where professional shooter Julie Golob is about to show these ladies that in addition to gaining knowledge on protecting themselves, they may just find a new activity to share together.

Source: NRA News Love at First Shot Season 2 Ep. 2 – Revolver Evolution

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