Race Revo Gun Glam – S&W PC 627 V-Comp Race Revolver

Last year I shot my first International Revolver Championship (IRC). Based on Jerry Miculek’s gun recommendation, I chose the Smith & Wesson 627 V-Comp and had Apex Tactical take some of the weight out to make the gun a bit more manageable for me. I added an Aimpoint Micro and headed to the range to give ICORE shooting a try. After the ICORE Southern Regional and the IRC I was hooked. Now, the IRC is on my “must shoot” match list every year.

For me, shooting the revolver has been a bit like weight training. In most of my matches I shoot triggers between two and five pounds that have a much shorter stroke. Not only was my revolver trigger SIGNIFICANTLY heavier, the gun was too. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the new challenge though and know the experience has made me a better shooter.

Open Revolver is just plain fun. At the same time, it’s just in my nature to want to shoot well and… WIN. Part of my off-season involves getting my gear race-ready for the upcoming year. My V-Comp is back at Apex Tactical for even more lightening and a trigger job. The folks at the shop nicknamed my gun “Moose” and now my revo is going through an intense Apex boot camp. I’ve been kept up to date with photos and videos on the guns progress and know it will be slim and trim when I get it back. Check out my facebook and twitter pages for updates.


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