As Seen On Coverage of Our Girls Gun Getaway #Video

This installment of link love is all about the #GirlsGunGetaway! For my recap of the GGG, I put together a montage of favorite photos and video clips I was able to capture with my camera and Midland XTC’s.

It’s actually pretty hard for me to choose highlights from my trip (there were so many), but I will do my best. First off, I love good food. I was a bit concerned over the viddles and upon leaving for my trip I had already mentally prepared myself for less than fabulous food fare. Then I met Anette, who must be a direct descendant from the Amazons, and I worried even more. I mean… look at those arms! Considering she was in charge of the chow, I wondered if we would subsist on kale, nuts, seeds and whatever else people who look like Anette eat. My mind was immediately set at ease as she and her sous chefs Gracie and Beth ( whipped up scrumptious dish after dish. Evidently Amazonian women thrive on cheese dip made with Crisco. As gross as that sounds, it was yummilicous! There was also plenty of good for you eats too, but that cheese dip… Sigh. I am hoping they share the recipes with us on their blogs.

I was super excited to bring my new 9mm M&P Shield to Missouri so the ladies could put it through the paces. I think they shot more rounds through the gun than I have! It ran flawlessly and I am looking forward to carrying it. Definitely loving the M&P Shield! So, big THANK YOU to Smith & Wesson for both sending me this little gun and for sponsoring the event!

#GirlsGunGetaway  20

As seen in the video, we got to do a little hunting! I was giddy to get out and try my hand at squirrel and coyote hunting with our PH for the GGG, Marti Davis ( Shelley ( was the only “non-hunter” ready for the early wake up to head out coyote hunting on the first day. On Day 2, four of us also attempted squirrel hunting that ended up with us playing a little practical joke back at the house involving a butterfly wing we discovered and my S&W Model 41. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!

And then there was the .50. I have to say, shooting a .50 has been on my wish list for a while so when I heard we would have the chance to shoot one thanks to Barb’s husband, Jason, I was beyond stoked. My reaction? Well, there’s the series of images below, but if I had to put it into words, the anticipation is much like how I remember feeling as a kid waiting in line for my first ride on a roller coaster at Darien Lake in upstate New York. The physical reaction, the concussion, blast and experiencing that kind of power, is so similar to being flung around, twisted and twirled on a coaster. Afterwards my mind screamed… Ahhh! I MUST do that again! And I did! And just like the second time on a back to back ride I was thinking, OK…. Yeah, that was really cool, but my head kinda hurts. Aaaaand, I need a break for a bit! Wow!

Leading up to our weekend, some of our followers immediately inquired (or more like pleaded) with us to have a pillow fight. After some discussion, we decided to fulfill their fantasy and an epic pillow battle was added to the agenda. I love our version. It’s probably not what they were expecting but I think it’s WAY better…

As seen on JulieG.TV we had a lot of fun with blowing things up, from chickens (dead ones) to pillows. One of my favorite explosive moments was the [insert deep, ominous voice] WALL… OF… FIRE!!!!!  A very special thank you to the Missouri University of Science and Technology and Dr. Bomb for making this possible!

And to close things out, Kenn Blanchard of Urban Shooter Podcast also covered the event with photos, video and an excerpt from his podcast. Head over here to see it. Gunmart Blog and Ammoland also teamed up for coverage and a who’s who at the GGG. Huge thanks to all for sharing and giving some link  on the #GirlsGunGetaway too!

For more photos of the event, please clickr on over to my Flickr.


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