JulieG's Impossible Birthday

I am throwing out the whole “a woman never reveals her age” bit and am putting it out all over the internet. I turned 35 last week. {awkward silence}

I know, I KNOW! Some of you may say, big deal! Other’s might be a little surprised considering my usage of #SQUEE on Twitter. 35 is a big deal though. Seriously! It’s the official start of one’s mid-thirties. For someone who wants to be blessed with another child there are all sorts of warning buzzers that come with turning the big THREE FIVE, but I won’t get into that.

Instead I will say the idea of getting older doesn’t exactly thrill me. That novelty wore off after I turned 21. Despite the fact that I am indeed aging, I have to say my thirties have been good to me so far.

I have successfully mom’d (official term) my munchkin from a toddler to pre-schooler. I am very proud of that because my little one has some spunk! That and she is a bit competitive. I know what you’re thinking. Where on earth does she get that from?

I wrote and finished a book. Yeah, um, wow. Talk about one of those dreams you have when you are a kid. Growing up I was that bookworm who devoured words on the page like Twizzlers on a road trip! I still feel like I need to be pinched when I hold a copy of SHOOT or people call me author. The mere mention of the word sounds off the epic pounding of timpani drums in my mind.

Shooting has been wonderful. It has literally taken me all over the world and I traveled to Greece, Russia and Australia. I checked revolver off the list of divisions to compete in at the USPSA Nationals. Back to back ladies titles last fall in Production and Revolver and this year’s Single Stack makes that, like, my thirty-fourth-year-of-existence-USPSA-ladies-national-triple-crown-a-docious! How’s that for a Mary Poppins moment? Oh, and it was really getting old telling people how many times I have been a Bianchi Cup bridesmaid. I (finally) won my third women’s title at the Cup in May. Yeah, I am still smiling.

What else… I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the outdoors. I got my first mule deer hunting with my husband. I shot my first turkey and hog in Texas with a group of amazing women hunters for Benelli On Assignment. I also had the chance to go duck hunting for the first time with Mike Irvine from Shooting USA and a teammate back from my AMU days – Shawn Dulohery. I was super proud to get my first pronghorn buck on a solo hunt. Despite not filling my bear tag this spring, I had an amazing time hunting bear. These experiences I will never forget.


Even though I am only getting older, I keep busy doing all the things I love and the best part of that is that I get to share them with people from all over. I love that I am able to connect with so many people who have the same passions. Thank you internet and thank you to each and everyone one of you who likes, tweets, comments and shares your experiences with me!

Speaking of sharing, just last weekend I met up with ten incredible women on a #girlsgungetaway. United by a passion for firearms, we all come from different backgrounds when it comes to our experiences with shooting. Our group spanned over 30 years from the youngest member to the most “distinguished” member of our little soirée.

At the risk of sounding corny, we laughed, we learned and yes we even cried a little bit. I have so much more to share from #girlsgungetaway (stay tuned) but one thing that really struck me at the GGG was that, for the first time, I felt like I was one of the elders. {grumble}

The realization of that fact hit me hard especially since my birthday was only a few days away. But, looking around the kitchen and watching the ladies help each other cook, dance to tunes pumping through the speakers and share photos from the day, the dread immediately blew up like this. The only role age played in it at all was to serve as a reminder that it doesn’t matter. You can enjoy and share your passions regardless of your number.

So… enough reminiscing. My early thirties will be hard to top, but I am hoping good things will come with 35. After all, there’s plenty of awesome associated with this number. Things like the advances in photography and the invention of 35mm film. 35 happened to be a real good number for this guy. Oh and 2013 will be the 35th anniversary of the NRA Bianchi Cup.

So, with that, here’s to 35!


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