Ep. 6 NRA Bianchi Cup, Bear Hunting & Impossible Shots – June 2012 JulieG Podcast

From National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day and the National Kidney Foundation’s Billings Walk there’s so much to talk about in June. I am also back from an amazing trip to Missouri for the NRA Action Pistol Flagler Cup Regional and the Midway USA Bianchi Cup. Tune in as I talk about these things, the mental game, bear hunting, Impossible Shots and more!

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Show Notes & Links:

Memorial Day Photos from Flagler Cup and Bianchi Cup on Flickr
National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day
National Kidney Foundation Billings Walk, On the Road Updates from Bianchi Cup & NRA Action Pistol Gear

SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting & Competition
Guns & Glamour at the Bianchi Cup
Iron Wheel Guest Ranch
Impossible Shots
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 

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