This Daddy’s Girl Looks Back On Father’s Day

I got an email from gun girl pal Natalie over at Girls Guide to Guns asking me to share a favorite memory for a post she was working up in honor of Father’s Day. Being a daddy’s girl I, of course, said yes! In her post Natalie has quotes, from both influential women within the firearms industry and her readers, about their amazing fathers. I really enjoyed reading through all the dad and daughter moments that have helped define so many of us.

I shared a memory from back when I was in high school working the Miller Invitational as a Chief Range Officer. Dad encouraged me to not only design a course of fire, but also help build the props for the stage.

“Through the entire process, dad didn’t take charge or push. He let me plan it all and then we worked together to make it happen…  I learned so much, but the best part was being able to share it together.” Read the full quote at Girls Guide to Guns.

We made a great team and I have to say the stage… it was pretty cool.  Shooters started out by engaging targets through openings in a house of mirrors. At the end of the hallway we built an actual carousel that had three targets on it. Targets were taped together so that you could shoot the moving targets as you saw them. The best two hits on each target counted for score.

House of Fun Stage

I enjoyed building and painting the props. My favorite was the “ring the bell” carnival game prop. You know, the one where you use a sledge hammer to see if you can make the bell ring? I had a bit of fun coming up with the levels on the scale like DNF, re-shoot and all D’s…

House of Fun Stage

Ah, those were some good times! I can’t say thank you enough to my dad for being such a wonderful influence in my life. If you have a special dad moment, I would love to hear it too. Please share and leave a comment below.

To all the fathers out there, I am wishing you a special day! I know I am looking forward to spending mine with another very special dad, the love of my life, my husband. Happy Father’s Day!

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