Halfway Home | Ep. 4 Season 3 #LoveAtFirstShot

Erin Byrne, Jasmine Elias and Natalie Fletcher have reached the halfway point in their firearms journey and, in this episode, we get a glimpse of the training that has taken place since we last saw the girls. Host Natalie Foster makes a date to go skeet shooting with Erin and Natalie, and afterwards they reflect on the progress they’ve made so far.

Erin and her friend Maddy head to training session number two with yours truly, where they practice shooting from the prone position at targets from first 50, then 100 yards out. Jasmine attends a training session with her mentor Autumn Parkin, and learns critical self-defense shooting skills such as drawing from a purse. Meanwhile, show host Natalie reviews with Natalie the gear and supplies necessary for a range bag.

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