Guns & Gear: How I Pack My Range Bag for IDPA | JulieG.TV [VIDEO]

What’s in my range bag? Have a look at what I pack in my shooting bag when I compete in IDPA competitions, specifically the upcoming Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals.

A couple of notes on this video… 1st, its looooong, but I think it is useful to explain what I use and why I use it. Also, please excuse the sound sync issues. For some reason my fancy Nikon 5200 has sound synchronizing problem when I import the files to my Mac (though it could be me technologically challenged).  I was pretty excited to use an external mic for the first time, but the sound was a nightmare to edit. There are places where it’s kung fu dubs bad, but hey, I did my best.

Hopefully I will have these issues resolved for my next video — or just go back to filming on my phone. Thank you for your patience!

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