Day in the Life: Federal Premium’s Syntech Shoot More Challenge | JulieG.TV

One of the many things I love about my job is that I get to attend some really cool events. Last week I hopped in the truck for a drive to Lincoln, NE to attend one of Federal Premium’s Shoot More Challenges. Hosted by Jim and Terri at BigShots Indoor Range & Gun Store, 40+ shooters and I put this new polymer coated Federal ammo and Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0’s to the test. We did a side by side comparison of Syntech vs. a popular ball ammo by performing heat, smoke and recoil tests.

Full disclosure here, it’s not a secret that I shoot for Federal but, standing back and watching the participants shoot and easily seeing the difference between the smoke and flash was striking. Syntech is my favorite ammo to shoot on high round count days because it shoots so much cooler. I also love it for steel targets and when I shoot indoors for a cleaner range experience. I know what I see and feel when I am behind the gun, but seeing the difference with other shooters further proved how effective this ammo is not only for experienced, volume shooters, but also for those who don’t shoot as much and want to extend barrel life of their firearms and the time between cleanings.

I did a quick demo on a short practical shooting course and then ran everyone through the stage so that they could experience the ammo on the clock too. We had competition shooters, law enforcement, concealed carry participants and even those who had never even thought about moving with a gun and shooting so quickly. Everyone walked away with a big smile and for me that meant mission accomplished. Here’s a quick recap…

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