Color Commentary & 2016 Bianchi Cup Action TONIGHT on Shooting USA | #video

Are you ready for some 2016 NRA Bianchi Cup coverage?  I am! Catch tonight’s episode of Shooting USA on the Outdoor Channel as I join John Scoutten to present the coverage from the NRA’s National Action Pistol Championship in Columbia, Missouri. Here’s a sneak peek…

Not only do you get to watch Bianchi, your’s truly is a color commentator! I had so much fun analyzing the action. This year the prestigious handgun championship became twice as tough. Shooters had to qualify by shooting the main event. Then overall contenders in designated divisions and categories got to shoot all four stages once more to earn their championship titles.  The change in format added an extra day for some competitors and it made this year’s Bianchi Cup one of the most talked about.

Julie Golob - Shooting USA Bianchi Cup Color Commentator

Catch the episode tonight on Shooting USA on the Outdoor Channel


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