All New Impossible Shots – An Explosive Combination, Guns & Fireworks

It’s a brand spankin new episode of Impossible Shots tonight! This show was oh so much fun to put together with the awesome IS crew. Please tune in as I make a big bang by starting off the show by shooting a tank (wink, wink)!

Julie Golob Shooting Fireworks on Impossible Shots

From the show:

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots
Julie’s Shooting & Fireworks Show

Smith & Wesson pro Julie Golob leads off with a firework celebration! 4th of July favorites become Impossible Shots for Julie and her M&P Shield. Then Randy Oitker shoots five arrows at a time. Randy first repeats his Guinness world record, and then beats it with another record. Five arrows shot on five targets, like you’ve never seen.
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