2009 ICORE Southern Regional #video

Back from my first match of my season, the 2009 ICORE Southern Regional, and I have to say I am officially hooked on ICORE. Annette Aysen, Match Director for the event, and her crew of talented range officers ran over 60 revolver shooters from all over the country and even Canada.

The match featured ten dynamic and fun courses of fire.  Shooters were tested on simple and straight forward  stages like “Not Jeff’s Prez II”, “Three Pairs”, and the all steel stage, “Four Times Six”.  All were challenged by “Annie’s Standards” – a modification of the notorious “Near to Far Standards” used at the International Revolver Championships (IRC) each year.

The remaining stages were the fast and furious IPSC-style courses, complete with lots of moving targets, steel and a splash of no-shoots.  From what I heard from competitors who shoot a lot of ICORE, we all agree that this was one great match both in course design and that renowned southern hospitality.It wasn’t easy for me, but I didn’t set any goals or expectations for my match performance other than to get a taste for how to shoot ICORE.

With less than 500 rounds through my new S&W 627 V-Comp and Aimpoint Micro (Open Division) and just a few hours of dry-fire, I didn’t really expect to light the world on fire.  I had some misses, made some rookie mistakes and fell in love with the ICORE challenge.  ICORE is a combination of the speed and course manipulation of USPSA, the precision demands of Bianchi and IDPA to keep your times down and the pure shooting test presented by Steel Challenge, all with a revolver.

Boy do I have a lot to work on, but I am looking forward to competing at the IRC in June.Thanks again to the amazing crew that put this match together.  I also need to thank Annette & Elliot Aysen for being a huge help in getting my gear and ammo set up.  Another huge thank you goes to Wanda and Peggy for all their help watching and entertaining my daughter while her mom got to shoot the match. Here are some videos from the match.

For more information about ICORE, check out www.icore.org.

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