A Win at the International Revolver Championships & #Video Re-Cap

It ‘s been a busy few weeks! Not long after the NRA Bianchi Cup (a new video is up on You-Tube), I was on a plane for my first International Revolver Championships in San Luis Obispo, CA.  The match lived up to its reputation and I had a great time.

The stages were a blend of IDPA, Steel Challenge, Bianchi and USPSA and near the beautiful Morro Bay.Local media attended the event and coverage aired on KSBY. Shooting USA was there to capture all the action and also did stage breakdown of one of the most challenging stages in the match with Jerry Miculek.  Jerry walked through the stage, shot through once and then again with a head cam.  I had the opportunity to see the head cam footage and it is truly awesome.  It will make for a great show.

American Trigger Sports Network was also there to cover the Shoot-Offs and interviewed the members of Team Smith & Wesson in a line up.  In case you missed it, here’s a link to their show.The trip wasn’t without some drama for me. One of my connections was canceled and so I arrived a day late.  I also discovered that my scope mount and scope screws were frightening loose the night before the match.  The  staff was so accommodating!  Match Director Nelson Dymond and Range Officer David Surgi found me a place re-zero and I was able to shoot the event in one day on Saturday.

Of course all my Smith & Wesson teammates were extremely helpful too.  I especially owe a huge thank you to Annette & Elliot Aysen.  Their assistance and guidance have been invaluable.The team did GREAT!  I want to take the time to congratulate them once again.  His 17th IRC win, Jerry Miculek is the stuff of legends and watching him shoot was truly awesome.  One of our newest members John Bagakis defended is Limited Title already proving himself a talented asset to our team.  Annette also defended her title and schooled me on many stages with her limited gun.   She is an inspiration.  Congratulations!

I had no expectations coming into the event, which is always a nice position to be in.  Shooting in the Open Division, a number of times I was searching for the dot and by the end of the long 30+ round stages, my forearms were on fire from pulling the trigger.  More than once I had the dot on target doing everything I could to just get through the long pull.  Talk about strength training! To my surprise, I managed to win High Lady in Open and am already looking forward to next year.

I have had several requests to post photos and details of my equipment for the different matches I shoot.  So, here it is!  I shot a Performance Center 627 V-Comp.  The gun has been expertly lightened and ported by the talented Randy Lee of Apex Tactical. I used an Aimpoint Micro red dot sight.  For a rig I used a Speed-E-Rack, CR Speed Belt and custom Blade-tech holster.   I also tried out a new set of Rudy Projects, Noyz frames and photochromatic clear lenses with ImpactX.

What was most memorable for me from this match was the number of juniors.  ICORE did a phenomenal job to cultivate young shooters to this match.  Having started as a junior myself and now being a mom, I can’t say enough how important it is to get kids involved in the shooting sports.  Every bit as exciting as the top guns in their shoot off event, the juniors had paired off Saturday morning.  Everyone there witnessed something special, the spark that ignites the flame in future champions.  To all those out there who made it possible for these kids to shoot, I personally want to thank you.


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