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Easy Crockpot Venison Korean BBQ #FieldtoFork Recipe


We’re in our 3rd month of living in temporary housing with the bare bones in dishes, utensils and cooking gear. The apartment kitchen is also tiny and I won’t lie, it’s been a challenge cooking for my husband and the kiddos. I am so glad I made sure our trusty crockpot stayed with us because I have put […]

Best of the 2014 #NRAAM

Bloomberg NRA Message Julie Golob

I am just getting around to uploading photos from the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. I missed last year’s show for the best reason in the world, a new baby girl. It was exciting to be back and to have the chance to attend so many wonderful events, chat with awesome NRA members and see old […]

#FieldtoFork Recipe – Wild Game Sausage Scramble

Julie Golob Wild Game Sausage Scramble

We all have our favorite kitchen tools, the ones that make our lives easier and produce exactly the results we are looking for. They make us feel like culinary superstars — like Alton Brown, Michael Symon or Alexandra Guarnaschelli. They are our very own sous chefs, our personal assistants that make the job easier. Read the […]

Holiday Shopping: A Few of My Favorite Things

Nightforce Spotting Scope

It’s that time of year! I love looking at gift guides to spark ideas for Christmas shopping and so I thought I would share some of my own. Here’s last year’s guide as well as a few more of my favorite things. A must have for the wild game fan, I love my Weston Meat Grinder! If […]

Gun Girl Radio – Gun Girls and Their Favorite Plates

GGP 032 - Gun Girls Favorite Plates

Dekalb, IL – It’s all about plates in this episode of Gun Girl Radio and we’re not talking steel targets, but rather favorite food dishes! Tune in as hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob take a break from guns and shooting and share what they love to eat both on and off the range. As […]

Game Day Wild Game Nacho Chili Bowl

Field to Fork Venison Nacho Chili Bowl

Print Game Day Wild Game Nacho Chili Bowl A quick and too easy crockpot venison recipe perfect for game day, Cinco de Mayo or any time you’re in the mood for the heat and crunch of this field to fork style Mexican classic. Author: Julie Golob Cuisine: Mexican Recipe type: Appetizer Serves: 8 Prep time:  30 mins Cook […]

Venison Faux Pho 2.0

Venison Faux Pho II

Venison Faux Pho is one of the first recipes I posted on my blog, but how I make this delightful Vietnamese noodle soup has gone through quite an evolution. Since that post I have added more spices and lightened up the broth. It’s still quick and easy to make, something important to me as a […]

Delish: Bannock Bread

Bannock Bread

It’s really nice to have warm, fresh bread with dinner, but with a two-month-old at home, I have neither the time nor the energy to bake these days except when the instructions are super simple and include three words I love… JUST          ADD          WATER Or, in this […]

Field to Fork Recipes Now On

As Seen On - Outdoor Channel Field to Fork

I could not stop smiling the day an email from the Outdoor Channel popped up in my inbox asking me for permission to share some of my wild game recipes on Would it be OK? Um… yeah!!! My reply was much more professional, but I did let out a big old squeeeeel! And with […]

Field to Fork Recipe: Pheasant Tajine with Lemons, Olives and Saffron

Field to Fork - Pheasant Tajine Recipe

Last week I shared some photos of my cat vs. a pheasant. Now, before you go thinking my cat Webley is a brilliant hunter and retriever (wouldn’t that be something), I do have to reiterate that she is a cat. Webley has generously brought many a “present” home, but mostly the results of her hunting escapades […]

Easy Chicken Chili Recipe Easy Chicken Chili

This is not truly a Field to Fork recipe for wild game that I am known for sharing, but sometimes you just can’t beat chicken! I also realize that to chili connoisseurs, this may not technically be a chili recipe. But to me, it fits the description. It has meat, it has beans and it’s […]

Welcome Home Team USA – An Olympic Inspired Venison Field to Fork Recipe

Field to Fork - Venison Lancashire Hotpot

I love the Olympic Games. It’s a celebration of sport and the amazing athletes that give it their all on the field, in stadiums, at the pool, and on the range. They may not have have stood in the spotlight like other Olympians, but members of Team USA who represented in the shooting sports have […]

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