Behind the Scenes Love at First Shot | Up Close & Keeping it Personal

We’re at the halfway point with Love at First Shot! When I last saw Erin she was apprehensive about shooting the M&P15-22 but training sessions with the lovely Judy Rhodes from DIVA Wow prepared both Erin and her friend Maddy for shooting center fire with the Thompson Center Compass.

In this week’s episode I show and Erin and Maddy how to shoot from prone. It’s a very stable position but it’s easy to take for granted, especially when you work with new shooters. I am a big fan of building both confidence and skill in a training session. It’s also why I kept the target close for our first shots.

Target Distance & Difficulty Trainer Tip

Far targets or tough shots can be very discouraging to new shooters especially if they struggle with fundamental shooting skills. Keeping targets close and making shots more challenging as the shooter progresses is a great way to conduct a training session that’s rewarding for you both.

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s a mistake I see instructors make often. They want to see their students progress quickly, but don’t take into account their new shooter’s personal shooting challenges. It’s best to start easy and let your student’s training dictate the level of difficulty.

After drilling the center of the bull at 50 yards with Erin and Maddy, we moved out to 100. Not only were both women on target, they felt a sense of accomplishment and excited to take the next steps. SUCCESS!

Remember, when we teach new shooters the goal is not only to make them better, we want to keep them coming back for more! Watch the full episode at NRA.TV.


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