10 Reasons You Won’t See Me on the Shooting Range

Many of you have already seen my kookie little announcement on YouTube, but just in case you haven’t I have some REALLY BIG NEWS!

I’m having a baby!

Yes, part of me is definitely bummed that I won’t have the chance to defend my ladies titles at the back to back USPSA Nationals this year, but just the thought of bringing another little munchkin into the world makes up for it tenfold. And so…

The Top 10 Reasons You Won’t See Me on the Range for a While

  1. The most important reason – LEAD. Lead poisoning is scary enough for adults, but for pregnant women, infants and small children it can be devastating. For more on this check out the chapter on safety and specifically page page 6 in my book.
  2. The same goes for noise exposure. You won’t see me at any rock concerts anytime soon either.
  3. I would have to get a new Safariland belt but it wouldn’t be awesomely blue like my current belt. Sigh, it’s so pretty! Besides…
  4. Pregnancy pants don’t have belt loops.
  5. There will be no more flopping on the ground going prone.
  6. Putting on socks is a challenge enough with a big old belly much less running, leaning, squatting, getting up from anywhere quickly, you get the idea, etc.
  7. Range food simply cannot satisfy my cravings (you do not want to know).
  8. After some searching I discovered that shooting jerseys do not come in maternity sizes.
  9. Two words: porta john. The challenge of getting in and out of them and the frequency I would have to visit frankly terrifies me.
  10. Morning sickness! Ugh.

The good news is that I am done cleaning guns for a while [insert evil little giggle at the thought of making my husband clean them]. I did get a bow and I plan to hunt a bit through November. I also have this fun little Smith & Wesson M&P airsoft gun that I might go plink with for when I feel the need to pull the trigger. Note to self: shooting said airsoft gun is not productive on balloons.

Thanks so much to all those who have sent congratulations and best wishes. With any luck we will be bringing a healthy bundle of new NRA life member home in April!

JulieG is having a baby!


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