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Gun Girl Radio: Gun Girls Carry Concealed

GGP036 - Concealed Carry

This week on Gun Girl Radio we’re are talking all things concealed carry! In this episode Randi Rogers and I offer tips on getting a carry permit and the importance of training. We talk guns, gear, the different ways to carry and how there is no one size fits all for women and concealed carry options. There […]

ICYMI – The Shooter’s Mindset [VIDEO]

HUGE thank you to Anthony, Dustin and Kelli of The Shooter’s Mindset for inviting me on the show! I had a wonderful time talking about guns, different shooting sports, training, women specific concerns, concealed carry and more. I wish my internet connection was a bit better, but the sound seems to have come through ok. In […]

Interview with Spencer Bennett on

Julie Golob Interview on

This was such a fun interview! I really enjoyed chatting with pro-gun, West Texas radio show host Spencer Bennett on the SHOT Show, shooting sports, guns, training and female shooters. This morning I sat down and had a long conversation on the phone with champion shooter Julie Golob. I was only able to play a portion, but […]

2013 SHOT Show – Safariland Demos & Giveaway!

Team Safariland

A highlight of SHOT Show for me is attending the live demos in the Safariland booth. Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to talk about and showcase Safariland’s diverse line of products, I get to hang out with some of my favorite shooters. We have a lot of fun with it and there’s a […]

2013 SHOT Show – The Laser’s Edge Debut

Crimson Trace Lasers Edge Collage

I’ve been looking forward to Crimson Trace’s big SHOT Show announcement for a while. Since August to be exact. To rewind even further, a few years ago I was in The Art of Survival, a free DVD from Crimson Trace that offered information and instruction on the use of lasers. I had a great time […]

Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide Links Kids – Brave the Movie on DVD  Huntress – Prois Neck Gator and Hunter Hills Journal  Fashion Forward - Smith & Wesson Apparel and Hot Caliber Jewelry Shooter – M&P Firepower Base Pads from Taran Tactical Innovations Jerry Miculek’s Practical Rifle Rudy Project Shooting Glasses  SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition Hats from, […]

Modern Style with Concealed Carry Features – Smith & Wesson Clothing Line for Men and Women

S&W Wild Things Sale

Earlier this year the headline in Ad Week read “Smith & Wesson to Lock ‘n’ Load Fall Fashions” and yes, they are here! Fashion trends in tall boots and hunt inspired looks have been popping up everywhere. On my recent trip to NYC for Thanksgiving it seemed every woman I walked by was sporting tall […]

SHOOTing Tip – Getting Zeroed, Grouping at Distances

SHOOTing Tip - Getting Zeroed & Grouping at Distances

Another tip on zeroing your firearm! Last week’s SHOOT Quick Tip gave some insight on things you should consider when getting ready to zero. This week’s tip applies to competition shooters, hunters or those who just enjoy plinking as well… Getting Zeroed – Grouping at Distances Once you have dialed in your final zero save some time and […]

Press Release – Smith & Wesson Firearms and Shooting Team Members Take Center Stage

S&W M&P Fun

SPRINGFIELD, MA- Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that its firearms and Shooting Team Members will headline Outdoor Channel’s “Impossible Shots” and “Shooting USA” television shows during the month of October. The two shows encompass all that is shooting; featuring coverage of shooting competitions, practice tips from the pros, personal defense tactics for females, speed […]

Back to Back Appearances on Wednesday Night at the Range on the Outdoor Channel

Impossible Shots - JulieG El Prez

Shooting USA Pro Tip + an Impossible Shot Tune in to Shooting USA on the Outdoor Channel’s Wednesday Night at the Range for another great episode on shooting sports and for one of my pro tips on practicing with your concealed carry firearm.  In this tip I use my carry gun, my trusty Smith & […]

SHOOTing Tip – Shooting from Kneeling in IDPA

SHOOTing Tip - IDPA Kneeling

International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is growing… A lot!  Considering the increase  in the concealed carry market (and zombie defense) the popular action shooting sport features courses of fire with a defensive flair and firearms that shooters buy at their local gun shop. Today’s quick SHOOT tip is one specific to IDPA and the low […]

SHOOTing Tip – Concealed Carry in a Purse and Driving

SHOOTing Tip - Purse Carry and Driving

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another SHOOT Quick Tip! Purse carry is very popular among women. Off the body carry in a bag or purse requires some specific attention though.  Because a bag can be carried in so many different ways, those who choose to carry a firearm this way need to […]

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