#SHOOTTip – Gripping Your Carry Gun

This tip is one featured on the Outdoor Channel’s Shooting USA. As a Pro Tip instructor for the show, I not only like to give shooting tips for competitions shooters, I also like to offer useful shooting insight for the everyday gun owner and CCW holder.

A good grip on a handgun is critical for smaller firearms designed specifically for personal defense. Lightweight handguns combined with powerful personal defense loads call for a safe, secure and effective grip. 5 simple points to remember

  1. High Grip – The higher you grip with your dominant hand on the backstrap, the more control you will have over recoil. This is true for both revolvers and semi-autos.
  2. Trigger Finger Placement – Often carry guns have a heavier or longer trigger pull making where you place your trigger finger important. Too much finger may make it difficult for you to fully engage the trigger to the rear. Too little finger on the face of the trigger can result in lack of strength and smoothness as you press the trigger.
  3. Eliminate the Space – Any opening between your strong and support hands on a firearm creates a weak point in recoil control. For a proper two-handed grip, make sure there is no space between your strong and support hands.
  4. Give it Some Cant – Adding an extra bend by canting your non-dominant wrist creates a recoil absorption point. Bonus – no additional strength required!
  5. Watch those Thumbs – Thumb placement is critical not only for a successful shooting grip, but also for safety. Make sure thumbs do not interfere with cylinder or slide movement to prevent potential injury.

Watch my carry gun grip Pro Tip and read the full transcript at ShootingUSA.com.


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