Mother’s Day & My Wishes For My Daughters

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. It’s a day to not only think of and thank my mom and all the other women who have had such a wonderful influence on me, it’s a day for me to stop and celebrate being mom to my two young girls. This is a little something I wrote last year that I thought I would share with you, especially those who have daughters. Happy Mother’s Day!

My Wishes For My Daughters

I wish for you to strive
for your own personal perfection,
no one else’s.
Shoot not for the stars
twinkling light years away
in the cold emptiness of space.
Rather, set your aim
on targets true and touchable.

I wish for you to step outside
with buttercups woven in your braids.
Grasp the wriggly worm.
Seize the flopping fish.
Their slimy skin and scales
Have no power over you.

I wish for you to relish
the thrill of the hunt and
treasure the gifts,
the taste of the harvest.
The blood and salt,
the sweat,
the tears,
these are seasonings for the primal soul.

I wish for you to build,
with your hands,
your heart.
Overcome the pesky obstacles and,
if you lack the brawn,
conquer with bravery,
and brilliance.

I wish for you to resist distraction,
the constant tunnel vision lure on a screen.
Rather, curl up
with a fuzzy blanket and a book.
Let the ink whisk you to far away adventures.
It is inside these pages
your imagination bursts in the highest definition,
secret sanctuaries illuminated by illustrations
only you can create.

I wish for you to seek out the hero,
the one inside of you.
Listening is a super power.
Though everyday kindness is unsung,
it is kindling for light and warmth
in desperate, dark places.

I wish you to forever laugh deep,
and without abandon.
Take the precious moments to soak
in the pure beauty of rainbows,
autumn leaves,
glittering frost,
frolicking fawns.
For it is in nature God awakens
magical moments.

I wish for you to know
that your smile is the most personal gift,
meant for those beloved and strangers alike,
too pure and precious not to share,
and often.

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