Behind the Scenes Love at First Shot | Jasmine’s .22 Training & Transition

A few posts ago, I talked about how safety, firearm/range prep and gun selection make for a successful Love at First Shot experience. It erased Erin’s misgivings from her first time and replaced them with fun and SUCCESS! In Episode 3 of NRA Women’s Love at First Shot, it was Jasmine’s turn. Where Erin prepped for rifle shooting and hunting with the M&P 15-22, Jasmine’s focus for the season is handguns and self defense.

If it’s not broke… 

What worked for Erin, works for Jasmine and so many others. Explaining firearm safety rules calmly and clearly and reinforcing safe gun handling habits is critical regardless of whether you are shooting rifles, shotguns or handguns. Using reactive targets not only makes it more fun and rewarding for the student, it also makes it easier on the instructor to diagnose shooting errors. I know I sound like a broken record, but starting with soft recoiling .22 caliber is truly a win/win.

This is the part where I love on the M&P22 Compact. Full disclosure for those of you new to this site, I shoot for Smith & Wesson. Unlike many other popular pistol platforms, the S&W M&P line offers versatility with options for training, concealed carry and competition. One of the ways the M&P shines is how the .22 caliber option looks and feels like the centerfire versions.

Let’s face it, many .22 handguns used on the range are target models. They are often hefty, look nothing like personal and home protection firearms and they have a different feel. The beauty of the M&P 22 compact is that it’s so similar to a Shield or even a standard size M&P that it’s less likely to confuse or overwhelm a new shooter. When I am introducing friends or family members to handgun shooting, it’s my first choice to start with before moving up to larger calibers. As you can see from this week’s episode, Jasmine’s transition from .22 to the 9mm M&P Shield was seamless.  

Jasmine proudly shows off her Love at First Shot targets after training with Julie

.22 caliber can a little tough to come by in some areas, but in most cases it’s still cheaper than centerfire making it a great training option for both new and experienced shooters. If you’d like to learn more about the M&P 22 Compact here’s a quick video.


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