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BAD ADVICE: VP Joe Biden on Home Defense & Personal Protection

You might have seen the video or read Vice President Joe Biden’s advice to women regarding home and personal defense. If you haven’t, here’s a link with  an overview and the video where he tells women how to scare off intruders by firing warning shots out of a double-barreled shotgun, promises how effective it will be and makes absurdly inaccurate statements regarding AR-15’s – modern sporting rifles.

Fortunately Dr. Jill Biden will likely not have to follow her husband’s suggestions due to the fact that she has Secret Service protection. Not only is his advice really BAD, but it also irresponsibly breaks one of the fundamental rules of firearm safety that could lead to harming or killing an innocent person.

Firearm Safety RulesOwning a firearm is a great responsibility. Choosing one for personal protection and home defense is a personal decision and should not be taken lightly. Instead of taking this bad advice and adopting poor tactics, hopefully those who wish to protect themselves and their families will consider these things when making their firearm choices:

  • Basic firearms safety rules
  • Safe firearm storage
  • Capacity
  • Ease of reloading
  • Recoil considerations
  • The ability to manipulate the firearm’s controls
  • The importance of seeking knowledge from experienced owners and trainers

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Learn the facts about modern sporting rifles.

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From Julie Golob

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5 Responses to “BAD ADVICE: VP Joe Biden on Home Defense & Personal Protection”

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  2. Longstreet65 says:

    Generally speaking, when an idiot, (Biden)  knows nothing of which he speaks, any advise therein would be about as useless as he who gives it. Lets not even get in to the idiocy of firing off random shotgun blasts in a situation that clearly screams out for controlled, sustained, disciplined, fire control.

  3. DrJerryMcNally says:

    Thanks Julie for a great article!  I am amazed by the level of ignorance in Biden and those like him.  They are in the Unconscious / Incompetence stage of learning when it comes to firearms (and a lot of other subjects it appears)   In other words they don’t know what they don’t  know.  Unfortunately they think they know and are unwilling to learn.  Very sad for this country.

  4. svermette says:

    The Botox and hair plugs have made this career politician even more of an idiot than he was before. Biden’s comments are so irresponsible and incontinent that you still have to wonder, how is this guy the VP? Jill Biden and a shot gun? Yeah, like that is ever gonna happen.

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