Back in Action – 2014 NRA Flagler Cup

That’s right! I am back on the Action Pistol scene! It’s been a busy few weeks for me. It all started with the great trek  from our home in Montana to a new life in Missouri. We made the most of the long drive with several stops including taking time at the impressive Mount Rushmore and enjoying the super fun Wall Drug where I sat with Annie Oakley.

I had just a few days to unload some boxes before I was off to the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. Check out my Best of NRAAM post for photos, videos and links.

Instead of heading back home after the show, I hitched a ride to Tennessee to film 3 more Shooting USA Pro Tips. The weather was not very cooperative so I spent a good time in the studio under the bright lights. I learned so much about how Jim, John, Mike and crew make great TV!

Before my flight home I did manage to squeeze in a little turkey hunting. If you have been following my adventures on social media you know that those sneaky birds have eluded me. Mike Irvine and I tried every call we had, but alas, the fabled #gobblesquatch remains safe from me and my Benelli! Maybe I will get a chance to try my luck this fall!

Now, I am still not settled after the move, but after all the basic essentials and kiddo support stuff, I unpacked my Bianchi Cup gear. The last time I played in Action Pistol was back in Germany in 2012. I gotta tell you, that seems like forever ago! I spent a Sunday afternoon prepping, zeroing and learning the timing on the courses of fire. Thankfully it all started coming back and I felt good enough to give a major match a try.

Last weekend I shot the NRA Flagler Cup at Pioneer Gun Club. It’s an incredible facility, complete with turning targets, resetting plate racks and a mover on rails! Even more awesome than all that are the local shooters who have been so welcoming. Seriously, their support has just been awesome and I can’t wait to shoot more at this club!

How did I do? I have to say I am pretty pleased. I ended up with a final score of 1897 with 133x. It was good enough to place second among the women behind New Zealand’s Tiffany Piper with her  score of 1903.

My gear ran flawlessly. I used one of my all time favorite 1911’s, the Smith & Wesson Performance Center 9mm 1911 with custom action pistol work by Jay Della Bella and Alan Tanaka. The gun is set up with Protocol Design’s Stick Shift Mover Base and Prone Pad. It also has a Caspian Shroud and extremely reliable Aimpoint Micro. Finally, my ASYM 115gr. JHP ammo is so consistent and accurate, it is a must in this precision action shooting sport!

For my other gear, I drew my S&W from a Safariland belt and 014 holster. For any open division shooting I do like to wear darker tinted eye protection. I switched out my crystal clear lenses on my Rudy Project Ability glasses for Laser Brown lenses.  This is also the first time I have used my RAND CLP in warmer weather. It works great on my M&P’s in the cold (even extreme cold) but, no surprise it’s awesome for my 1911’s too!

The Flagler Cup is a real confidence booster going into this weekend’s World Action Pistol Championships held at The Rock in Kentucky. My scores from 2012 were good enough to land me a spot on one of the USA Ladies Teams. I am treating the Worlds as a warm up for the prestigious Bianchi Cup the following week. I know that sounds a little funny, but for me the Bianchi Cup is THE major event in Action Pistol. Even with all the time off with the newest little one, I’d love to shoot a score close to what I have been able to produce in the past. Wish me luck!

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