Who are the #NRA Good Guys?

Fundamentally, NRA members stand for the Second Amendment. It’s our platform. What’s most often ignored by anti-gun groups that paint gun people as bitter and careless clingers is our passionate dedication to values, character and integrity. We believe in Good Guys (and Gals).

Good Guys have courage. They stand for justice, believe in hard work and strive to live by the Golden Rule.  Steadfast in their ideals in importance of honesty in business and media reporting, they also know that the government cannot, must not be all powerful. Honest laws with honest enforcement is paramount. Personal safety cannot be legislated and privacy must be respected.

Good Guys are strong in character. They work to be dependable neighbors. They believe in community, country and service.  They know that present parenting helps molds children to be ethical and responsible adults, and secures freedom for future generations to come.

5 million strong and growing…

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