Supporting safe storage makes #gunsense | Project Childsafe

Chances are if you follow then you probably already own guns, respect them and secure them properly. That’s true #gunsense! It’s something I firmly believe in and so I am proud to support Project Childsafe. Helping those who need it find a way to secure their firearms just make sense and Project Childsafe gets people thinking about safe storage. The program provides free gun locks to those who don’t secure their guns or may not have the money for a safe.

Education is the other critical component. Teaching kids about guns and gun safety helps prevent accidents and is something I strongly believe in. I hope you will join me in sharing the importance of gun safety, safe storage and firearm safety education. Please like, follow and share on Facebook and Twitter. If you can, consider making a monetary donation to the program or if you have locks that you don’t use, contact your local law enforcement and contribute to the effort.

Own it. Secure it. Respect it.

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