Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue… Revolver Time!

As many of you may know I took a year and a half off from shooting for the best reasons in the world – to become a wife and mom.  I can’t say enough how amazing it has been watching my baby girl grow. I could go on for hours about how wonderful she is but I won’t do that to you.The itch to compete again has always been there, but now I am looking forward to scratching it.

As I jump back on the competition circuit I feel somewhat like a veteran looking at the events I have always shot, but I find I feel like a newbie too.  That probably sounds rather silly since I have been competing for over fifteen years.  Aside from feeling rather rusty though, this year I have decided to add some new matches to my schedule, ones I have never shot before and others I have just dabbled in.

This season I am stepping outside my comfort zone. For the past five years or so, that has been mostly production/stock gun divisions in action shooting competitions. There’s no better time like the present after taking a break to explore different divisions and shooting sports.   Borrowing a line from Rob Leatham, AKA The Great One,  “Shooting is shooting.”

Branching out  over the years has really helped me become a better shooter overall.  When I began shooting as a teenager, USPSA was my niche.  It will always be my first love but competing in other events, like Steel Challenge, NRA Bianchi Cup, and IDPA, has served to help me develop and grow.So in addition to that “something old” I plan on trying something new.

Next week I shoot my first International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts (ICORE) competition, the Southern Regional Revolver Championships in the Open Division. I have very limited experience shooting a wheel gun, but I am really looking forward to it.  I have my new S&W Performance Center 627 V-Comp with Aimpoint Micro, a custom holster designed by Blade-tech with my CR-Speed Belt and Speed-E-Rack Rig.

My S&W teammates Jerry Miculek and Annette & Elliot Aysen have been extremely helpful in getting me what I need to compete.   I can’t thank them enough and also Shooting USA for posting Jerry’s Pro Tips on how to reload a revolver.  I have glued myself to the screen studying them.Interested in shooting ICORE? Check out  The membership fee to join for the first time is only $5.  What a bargain!As for the…Something old, something new.Something borrowed and something blue.That “something blue” is Smith & Wesson blue, of course!

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