Smith & Wesson US Steel Shoot National Championships

Unfortunately I can’t make this match, but I am very excited about it.  First I am proud to say that Smith & Wesson® is the title sponsor for this national level event and all the Steel Challenge regional matches throughout the country.  Steel Challenge is arguably the best action shooting sport to get started in for any new shooter, especially juniors and women.  Competitors draw from the holster and shoot different arrays of five steel plates. There is even a .22 only division where you don’t even have to have a rig (belt, holster, etc.) that makes it even easier for beginners to get started.  Check out the video from NSSF’s First Shots at Steel Challenge.

Not only is this style of shooting great for those new to action shooting sports, watching the top shooters battle for the fastest time is really something!  In each division, the competition is intense. You have the legendary Jerry Miculek, shooting his open and stock revolvers with insanely fast times.  US Army Marksmanship Action Shooting Team members KC Eusebio and Max Michel really know how to make the steel sing!  My fellow S&W teammate BJ Norris is so impressive to watch!  He is a favorite to win in four divisions, Open, Limited, .22  and a combination of all three, the coveted Steel Master Title.  There’s Gordon Carrell, Todd Jarrett, Doug Koenig, Dave Olhasso, Gilbert Perez, Dave Sevigny, Phil Strader and many more who will give it their best to stand on the podium in their respective divisions.

Of course, I am especially interested to see the results for the women.  The toughest competition will be in Open Division where three of the best lady shooters in the world will give it their all to win.  You have Jessie Abbate who recently came on the scene after a distinguished career in cowboy competition.  She has won both national and world titles in Steel Challenge.  Rebecca Jones is the reigning USPSA Open National Champion.  She is known to deliver fast, consistent scores.  Another one of my teammates and favorite to win, Kay Miculek, holds 7 of the 8 world records for the individual stages.  Kay has won the women’s title at the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships seven times, something no other woman even comes close to!

For updates on the excitement visit the Down Range TV Blog and check out BJ Norris’s own updates from the match, The BJ Norris Blog.  For more information about the US Steel Shoot Nationals go to

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