Shooting While Pregnant – An eBook Resource for Expecting Moms

It’s a question I am often asked as a mom who spends a lot of time on the range — should I shoot while I am pregnant? It inspired me to share my discoveries in a podcast on the topic, and now an eBook.

There is not a wealth of information out there on the subject. Women who shoot and hunt aren’t exactly the most studied demographic. Of those, expecting mothers represent an even smaller segment. Despite the limited information specific to female shooters, there are resources that can help pregnant shooters make educated decisions on shooting while pregnant, especially with regard to exposure to lead, noise, and other contaminants.

From what I have found in my research, I hope “Shooting While Pregnant – A Resource for Expecting Moms” helps women make the best choice for themselves and their babies. If you are pregnant or know someone who is and want to learn more, consider reading and sharing this resource by clicking on the image below.

Shooting While Pregnant - eBook Resource for Expecting Moms

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