Despite my best intentions this week before SHOT Show, I have come down with yet another nasty upper respiratory thingy. Knowing that SHOT will be most awesomely grueling and draining I am doing my best to get some R&R while I can. So instead of hitting the gym, I have been curling up with my computer, cozy blankets and hot tea.

I am NOT going to feel guilty about it either. It’s like when athletes rest up to make sure they are in tippy top form before the big race. Rest is an important part of fitness training after all.

SHOT show is like a marathon for me in many ways. My feet usually look like I have been on a 20 mile ruck march. I get Kathleen Turner voice from all the talking. My face? It actually hurts from smiling so much and…

I love every minute.

I won’t be working out in a gym while I am at SHOT Show next week, but I do have some #SHOOTFIT plans. My friend Natalie from Girl’s Guide to Guns and I are planning our own little #SHOOTFIT #SHOTFIT step-off battle. We’ll be posting pedometer updates from show floor and feel free to join us even if you aren’t at SHOT Show! Get out that pedometer/app, record your run/walk/row mileage and share with the hashstag #SHOOTFIT.


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