#SHOOTFIT – On Running with 3-GUNR Becky Yackley #SHOTFIT #SHOTMILE


She’s a do-it-all kinda mom and a very cool one at that. Third Lady in the world at Trijicon World Shoot 2014 and Ladies 3 Gun Nation Shoot Off finalist, Becky Yackley is also known for pulling the trigger on her camera.

“I’m the woman who’s shooting guns and cameras at the same time.  Working to build my photography endeavors and putting years of art school classes to work as well as making friends and building relationships within the shooting industry in the process, this year has been very fun and rewarding.”

I tell ya, I am a fan and it’s cool that we have so much in common.  We both started shooting as teenagers. As moms we both took time off to grow our family, but we also found our way back to the range and our love of shooting.

A diverse and physical shooter, Becky has a wealth of experience to rely on having competed in summer biathlon, high power (service rifle and bolt rifle), Palma rifle, NCAA small bore, NCAA air rifle, collegiate air pistol, USPSA, 3 gun, and shotgun. She’s shot at the local, state, national, regional, junior Olympic, and NCAA level. These days she’s most often seen tearing it up on the 3 Gun circuit with her talented family.

After seeing Becky’s Facebook posts on her running escapades in weather that would have most of us curled up on the couch with a hot beverage of choice, I had the idea of asking her about running and how it helps her stay #SHOOTFIT for her competition season.

JG: Why do you like to run?

BY: I like to run because I can think.  Nobody bothers me.  It’s time to just focus on my own thoughts, or nothing. I can listen to music and let my brain rest. I do love the adrenaline I get from running. I’m an adrenaline junky. That, and I just love being outside.

JG: How often do you run and do you run for distance, for time, both?

BY: Usually I run 2-4 times a week, but that also depends on how I feel and what I am doing.  I mostly run until I’m ready to turn around and go back. If I run for time, it’s to try to finish a mile or stretch of road before a song ends. Sometimes I run the trails up hills in our woods. Other times I run because the moon is out and the snow is gorgeous.  There are times I run in the rain and cold because it’s a good kind of miserable.

Sometimes I just want to run sprints, like on a day when I don’t have much time.  I might run sprints doing fartlek hypoxic stuff (basically you run a short distance holding your breath, but you run fast).  It makes your big muscles feel the burn faster and I usually feel it in my quads.  I like those runs.  That might happen at the end of a short run or it might the only thing I do.  That’s what I enjoy about running, it’s really my time to do whatever I want.

JG: How does  running help you in 3-Gun Competition?

BY: Running helps in 3 gun competition with the physical demands of the sport. There’s moving into and out of position and having better lung capacity and stamina while running through a long field course. Running also helps for power. You need to move in 3 gun. Muscle means more power and training those muscles to move is important too. As we age, we lose that fast-twitch muscle and its also why we see some people’s physical training focus on things like plyometric drills – quick, explosive, powerful movements.  

JG: Many people use the excuse in the winter that it is just too cold run. What are your thoughts on that?

BY: It’s only too cold if you’re a wuss!  🙂  Seriously, my ears hurt at about 65 degrees when I run.  Earbuds and covering my ears helps that.  But people need to toughen up.  I forget where I read about men in Siberia shoveling snow, stripped to the waste because they’d worked up such a sweat.  I don’t doubt it!

We live in a way where most people never have to go further than from their house to car to another building in winter and I that makes people soft.  I also think it’s more dangerous to run in extreme heat than cold.  Obviously you’re not going to get all sweated up, stop your run, walk until you’re chilled and cause your muscles to work ineffectively, but if you get moving, RUN! You’ll be fine. 

JG: How do you deal with frigid temperatures and what advice do you have for running in the cold?

BY: How to deal with the cold? Toughen up, and get a neoprene ski mask, one with enough room to breathe.  By this I mean, get it so that it fits and you have some space around your mouth that enough air can escape when you’re pushing yourself and really huffing and puffing.  If you can’t get enough air, it takes the fun out of it.  I’ve bought an air exchanger mask too and it’s supposed to warm the air coming in. It basically looks like a ski mask with a mesh section over mouth. Meh, save your money! Put a big neoprene mask on and when you stop to stretch or feel like you need more air, pull it down and breathe normally.  I put a hat on too.  Maybe a scarf to breathe through on days I think I can skip a mask.

I generally wear a long sleeve shirt and a fleece jacket (even when it’s down to about 25 degrees).  If its older than that, I put on a shell to block the wind.  I also wear fleece-lined running tights. They are a huge help, because plain ol’ sweatpants are too cold and floppy in the wind. My road is not always plowed so I just run in tire tracks and never wear anything but my running shoes and wool socks if it’s cold. I’ll add leg warmers if it’s really cold.

Learn more about Becky and her family adventures! Follow Becky on Facebook, her family’s Facebook page, and her photography page. She’s also on Instagram as @yackley5ive and on YouTube as well – yfamvideo!

Will you be at SHOT Show, want to meet Becky and go on a run for with her? She’s created an event – a #shotrun, #shotmile #7amfun, #SHOTfit, #shootfitSHOT event on Facebook! The details on the one-mile SHOT Show run can be found here.

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