An Impossible Shots Tribute to Annie Oakley On Outdoor Channel

Tonight on the Outdoor Channel’s Impossible Shots, it’s a tribute to the amazing Annie Oakley. I get to honor Little Miss Sure Shot with my first ever mirror shot using a modern sporting rifle, the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22!

Impossible Shots - Remembering Annie Oakley

More about this week’s show:

“This week we pay tribute to the original exhibition shooter, Little Miss Sure Shot, Annie Oakley. First a review of our best Annie Oakley over the shoulder mirror shots. Bob and Becky Munden, Byron Ferguson and Todd Jarrett all have their versions of Annie’s classic shot. Then Smith & Wesson pro Julie Golob attempts her first ever mirror shot. It’s Julie’s chance to join the list of pro shooters accomplishing incredible Annie mirror shots.” Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots

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