On the Eve of 9/11 #neverforget

I am dreading the thought of tomorrow, the day two iconic towers fell and so many innocent lives were lost. It sickens me that there are still despicable creatures that will celebrate the death and destruction. I call them creatures because they do not deserve the title of humans or people. Their abuse, enslavement, and addiction to blood and brutality is beyond revolting.

It disgusts me that such monsters continue to plot and I worry, despite the efforts of those who fight to thwart such evil in this world, that somehow these creatures will find another moment of success. Should we fear these sociopathic, impotent individuals who seek power through violence, blaming the free world for their own lacking while they use religion for justification?

Yes. I believe we should.

The situation is a reality we cannot, must not ignore. Though I dread it, it’s important to feel it, to acknowledge and remember. Where the vile ones will take joy in death, true Americans will honor those we have lost and those who fight for liberty and justice. To preserve their memory and ensure true freedom, we have to be vigilantly aware. Most importantly, we must stick to our ideals, and have faith in humanity and our beliefs. We must value, respect and defend what makes our way of life so terrifying to these monsters — the freedoms granted to us in our Constitution that allow us to speak, believe and protect our way of life.

Today, and on September 11th, and the tomorrows beyond, I choose to remember those who have sacrificed. I honor the fallen with prayer and gratitude. I cherish my freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and I thank those who defend it.

God bless America!

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