I’ve been nominated by the National Rifle Association’s Nominating Committee to run for the 2018 NRA Board of Directors.


My competition achievements on the range speak for themselves. That champion mindset and drive to perform on demand is a part of who I am. Throughout this campaign I will listen and learn. If elected, I’ll continue to  strive for education and communication about the Second Amendment, the NRA mission and our lifestyle.

I hope to be a voice of influence when it comes to energizing and modernizing current NRA sports and programs as well as developing new, innovative shooting and hunting programs to encourage range participation and reinforce firearm safety to millions of gun owners.

I am dedicated to connecting and then expanding the many segments within the NRA to share, promote and further build upon the extensive offerings within the organization.

Education and communication are critical within our organization and beyond. To me, it’s not a matter of recruitment or retention, it’s a matter of community and connection, passion and progress.

I hope you’ll support me as I run for the 2018 National Rifle Association Board of Directors. Click to expand throughout this page to learn more.


  • I found a love for shooting and an appreciation of the Second Amendment at a young age. Competing in action shooting matches with my father as a young girl, a weekend hobby turned into a career as  professional athlete and soldier in the US Army.

    A few of my achievements on the range:

    • The first woman recruited for the U.S. Army Action Shooting Team
    • The first action shooter in history to be named U.S. Army Athlete of the Year
    • The first to win national titles in all 7 handgun divisions in practical shooting and claiming over 50 world and national titles.

    Off the range I work to share safe, responsible gun ownership.. I am  a published author of a popular guide to the shooting sports and and regularly appear on outdoor television programming, offering helpful tips, introduction and insight into the shooting sports.

    Beyond my NRA Benefactor membership, my work is a testament to my passion for the National Rifle Association mission. From participation in Town Hall and pro-gun articles I contribute to NRA publications, I am also lead trainer for NRA Women’s Love At First Shot on NRA.TV. 

    Last, but certainly not least, I am a wife and mother who believes the preservation of gun rights and firearm safety starts with family and in the home.  I am committed to her lifelong role as an ambassador to the shooting sports, sharing the importance of safe, responsible gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

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  • What you will see on the ballot…

    Nominated by the NRA Nominating Committee, world champion and Army veteran who discovered a love for shooting and appreciation of the Second Amendment at a young age. Competing in action shooting competitions as a girl, a weekend hobby turned into a career as an accomplished professional athlete and decorated competitive shooter. Regularly featured on outdoor television programming offering introduction and insight into the shooting sports, Julie Golob also actively shares the importance of safety and training as lead instructor of NRA Women’s Love at First Shot and content contributor for NRA media outlets. This Benefactor member is a wife and a mother who believes firearm safety and the preservation of gun rights starts with family and in the home. Julie is committed to her lifelong role as a positive influencer and ambassador to the shooting sports — sharing the importance of safe, responsible gun ownership and the NRA mission.

  • In order to be eligible to vote for the NRA Board of Directors you must be a member of the NRA for five consecutive years or a life member. To check your membership status visit nramemberservices.org.

    Eligible members will receive a ballot in their NRA Magazine. Voting begins in February. Those who opt to receive digital subscriptions will be receive a separate ballot.

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