America’s First Freedom – I am an #NRAMom


I am a veteran. I have many shooting titles. I travel all over the US and the world. I am an author. I teach and speak at events. I am on TV sharing my passion for firearms and shooting sports. These are all things I am proud of, but most importantly I am a wife, daughter and mother.

Hitting the range as a junior competitor in the shooting sports opened doors for me. Fellow shooters were excited for me as I pursued a career in the military and firearms industry because I represented the future. As a mom, I am raising the future. Motherhood has evolved my perspective of the importance of encouraging firearm safety and shooting sports in ways that I couldn’t truly understand in my youth.

It’s no secret that I am an NRA mom. Anti-gun groups like Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety see mothers as a marketing tool to ban firearms. Well, I have something to say about that. Please read the piece I wrote for the most recent issue of America’s First Freedom. You don’t have to be an NRA member to read it, though I hope you may be inspired to become one and share the important message about our Second Amendment.

America’s First Freedom – I am an NRA Mom 


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