Did you know I am running for the NRA Board of Directors?

A few weeks ago I shared the exciting news in a Facebook Live video — I’m running for the National Rifle Association Board of Directors!

First and foremost, it’s an absolute honor to be selected by the NRA’s nominating committee. I love connecting with the shooting community on the range and on social media. To have the NRA acknowledge what I have to offer further validates my hard work. My grandfather, who gifted me a Life Membership when I was a young girl, would be so proud.

I view this nomination and election as a grassroots movement. It’s not a typical political campaign. I hope to not only be elected to the board, but also boost support, awareness and communication among NRA members and beyond. Despite what the media will tell you, we truly are a community with a loud, powerful voice.

My NRA BOD Campaign

So many people have asked how they can support my campaign and in true spirit my of my platform, I hope you’ll consider doing so with something I truly value, your voice! What do I mean?

  1. Join my Campaign Crew: Sign up for my Campaign Crew email list to receive updates and information you can share to help me spread the word.
  2. Use the Hashtag: Use #juliegforNRA on social media to help share your support and awareness that I am running.
  3. Become a voting member: In order to vote you must be a member of the NRA for five consecutive years or be a life member. Join, renew or upgrade your NRA membership with these super special rates so you can cast your vote.
  4. Share your passion: Now, more than ever, it’s important to share your passion for the Second Amendment and the NRA mission to educate, train and fight for our great American heritage and freedom. Let’s take that passion and make more PROGRESS!

I’ve created a special page here on my website that I hope you’ll consider posting, tweeting, pinning, emailing or all of the above. It will be my hub for all things NRA and my run for the BOD. As always, thanks so much for the opportunity to share this news with you!

Join My Campaign Crew

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