Best of the 2014 #NRAAM

I am just getting around to uploading photos from the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. I missed last year’s show for the best reason in the world, a new baby girl. It was exciting to be back and to have the chance to attend so many wonderful events, chat with awesome NRA members and see old friends. Check out my best of #NRAAM:

Best Costume – ARGH!

Randi Rogers, Molly Smith and I just had to get a pic with the Cold Steel Pirate who stopped by the Smith & Wesson booth.

Best Mustache EVER

A true pro-gun celebrity! Tom Selleck speaks at the Women’s Leadership Luncheon [SWOON]

Awesome New Show Host – Natalie Foster

Taken after the teaser of Love at First Shot, I am so proud of my pal Natalie Foster, NRA Commentator and owner of

Favorite Taxi Moment

Taking time to stop and smell the roses at the NRAAM

Lovely Lady Shotgunners

Here with my amazing Benelli teammates, Dianna Liedorff and Janna Reeves

Best Dressed

Always so handsome, Lars Dalseide is the man behind the awesome NRA Blog.

Cutest Couple

Aw…. Aren’t they adorable? Newlyweds Caleb and Shelley Giddings of GunUp

Best Close Up

Rob Leatham keeps the stickers on all his glasses so he knows which ones to wear for what.
TGO obviously has no problem seeing the sights though!

Best Appetizer

St. Elmo’s Shrimp Cocktail… HOLY HORSERADISH, the original #AWESOMESAUCE

Best Photo Bomb

At one point during dinner at St. Elmo’s we stole Rob’s glasses and posed for a pic. I got rabbit-eared photo bombed.

Best Sound

Hearing that bell ring when I upgraded to Patron Member of the NRA!

Proudest Moment

Honored to have my image tied to this powerful pro-gun message!

Thanks so much to my amazing sponsors, the NRA and all the wonderful people who took the time to say hello. Be sure to check out my 2014 NRA Annual Meeting Album on Flickr for more photos from the show. ICYMI here are a couple of videos:

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