An El Prez on Index Cards? #ImpossibleShots

This week on Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots

Smith & Wesson Team Captain Julie Golob is racing against the clock with her M&P Pro Series on a tiny target. Julie transforms a classic training drill into an Impossible Shot.

The El Presidente

The legendary Jeff Cooper created this classic shooting drill and it has become a standard. The start position is facing up range with wrists above shoulders. Three IPSC targets are set at the 10 yard line with on 1 yard between each target.

At the start signal the shooter turns, then draws and fire 2 rounds at each of the three targets. They reload and re-engage each target with  2 rounds each. The classic standard was to perform the drill in under 10 seconds with all A-zone hits.

For Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots, I’m not just hoping for A’s, I’m going for hits on index cards! Tune in Wednesday to Outdoor Channel 8:00PM, Midnight, 3:30AM (Thurs.) eastern.

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